familyFamily Advantage

An extended family

  • Baker-Katz Nursing Home administrator William Grimes presides over an extended family at the Haverhill facility. As one of only two privately owned and family-operated nursing homes in the city, Baker-Katz operates on many of the principles that you likely rely upon in your own home, such as:

  • Making economical choices

  • The owners of the facility have the flexibility to shop for the best deals, whether on linens, coffee or cleaning products. Unlike nursing homes that are one in a chain of facilities held by a corporation or group of investors, the Grimes and Guarino family that owns Baker-Katz is not required to turn over a portion of their profits to a far-away entity. They are able to re-invest those profits in the residents, employees and facility. That is why residents pay substantially less at Baker-Katz than at most other local facilities.

    Nurturing relationships

  • Whether it’s residents or employees, relationships are important at Baker-Katz. Administrator William Grimes is on site most days.

    Residents receive care from a dedicated and experienced staff.  Caregiver-to-resident ratios are among the lowest in the area, meaning a higher quality of life for your family member or loved one. The facility's employee retention rate, which is among the highest in the region, means residents develop and enjoy lasting relationships with those providing their care.